The possibilities to have fun

You don’t need Paddington Escorts to tell you that you can have more fun in bed. All it takes is a little bit of effort, and smart thinking on your part. If, you are really serious about having some fun in bed, there are many avenues that you can explore. Of course, the great news is that you can have some serious fun exploring your new sex life, and finding out what makes you tick. The smart girls from Sutton escorts, have several fun ideas that they would like you to try. In top of that, it is important to use your imagination.

Couples on sex toys

More and more new exciting sex toys are hitting the market every day. It seems since Fifty Shades of Grey was published, sex toys manufacturer have found a revived interest in sex toys, and are bring new toys onto the market on an almost daily basis. Not all of them are great, and you still need to be selective, however there is a lot more choice out there than there used to be. It is a good idea to make sure that you will both enjoy the toy or toys that you buy, so therefore, it could be a good idea to go shopping together.

Paddington Escorts do say that most ladies still like the good old fashioned vibrator. The vibrator has changed a lot in recent years, and now comes in different shapes and materials. Some ladies may not like rubber, and there are now plenty of choice for ladies who do like rubber, says Sue from Sutton escorts. I am not an expert in vibrators she adds, but I do enjoy using them. Most of the girls here at the agency think that vibrators are the ideal starter toy for most couples.

Porn movies for more fun

Yes, porn movies can be fun, says Sue from Sutton escorts, but make sure that you invest in quality porn movies. Not all porn movies out there are good, and I would certainly stay away from watching porn online. I personally think that all online porn movies are kind of stuff and silly. If you are serious about getting something out of a porn movie, it is a good idea to be more selective, and buy a professionally produced porn movie, it will make a lot of difference. American porn movies are good, but so are many British ones.

The girls at Paddington Escorts buy a lot of their porn movies online, but there are other places as well. We are really quick to neglect our high street and do not often visit our local sex shops. Most sex shops rather struggle these days, and it could be a good idea to try to support them. Of course, you can also order specialist brochures which tell you a lot more about porn movies, and different scenes in the movies. This might be a good idea for the first timer. Remember that this is a pleasure that you should both enjoy.

Paddington Escorts on Swingers

Swingers clubs are great, and they are both experienced couples and novices. Some of the girls back at Paddington Escorts do enjoy swinging and go on a regular basis. Most of the clubs around accept novices but it is a good idea to explain that you have not been to a swingers club before. There are some places in Europe that swingers clubs are very popular. For instance you can try the Costa del Sol, swinger clubs are very popular on the Costa del Sol.

One thing though, before you go make 100 per cent sure that you are going to be comfortable. Some couples go and end up having a massive falling out. If, you are serious about getting into swinging for a bit of variety, you really need to be happy in your relationship. You don’t want to come out of the club accusing the other party to have been unfaithful, or become insanely jealous. The girls at Paddington Escorts do know that many couples can get distressed and are not quite prepared for the emotional experience. If, you are serious about swinging, make sure that you are mentally prepared first of all. It is no good going if you are not ready for the feelings that the club may evoke.